Give Back to Your Community

Learn about our corporate campaigns

Corporate campaigns are the most successful way we've been able to accomplish our goals. It's time for your business to run a campaign to encourage your employees to donate to the United Way of Angelina County.

Our process allows the corporate world to connect with the heart of their community. It also provides a way for employees to make an impact in the lives of the less fortunate.

Contact us at 936-632-3203 to learn how you can make a difference today. United Way can only accept monetary donations.

We'll help you run a campaign at your office

Any business can run a campaign. We'll visit you to show you how to:

  • Select individuals in your organization who will manage the campaign
  • Sign up for and calculate payroll deductions
  • Provide incentives for employees who donate to the cause

We'll walk you through running a campaign from start to finish. You'll love the feeling you get while giving back to the community, not to mention the tax benefits.

We know that your organization can make a difference. Call now to learn how you can run a campaign at your company.